Country Sports

Country Sports has been established for more than 10 years and offer a variety of country pursuits including rough shooting, wild fowling, fishing, and horse liveries

Lakes & Fishing

The lakes are in a beautiful five-acre woodland site fully landscaped and fenced. There is plenty of parking
on-site, and access is only available via a locked gate, giving maximum security to members.

Majors Lakes were constructed in 1894 as a duck shoot and, over the next 100 years, gradually silted up until 1996, when there
was only 2 feet of water in the deepest part.

In 1998, the lakes were drained entirely, and thousands of tons of silt were removed and dumped in specially constructed pits.
When refilled with water, the deepest part was 14 feet, and around the edge of the lakes, depths varied from 4 feet upwards.

During the de-silting works, all the fish were removed for safekeeping, and when the work was completed, only selected fish were
reintroduced. These were mainly Common Carp, Mirror Carp and Roach. Thousands of Skimmer Bream were removed by the
Environment Agency, and since that time, an ongoing policy of restocking has taken place. Large numbers of tench have been
stocked, along with carp, rudd, and gudgeon.

Each month, we hold a friendly match at the lakes for members and friends, and everybody is invited to attend.

Each angler is asked to pay a £6.00 entry fee (£12.00 for non-members), which will make up the prize money divided
between first and second-place anglers. There are also points awarded to each angler at each match; these points are then totalled
up at the end of the year, and the angler with the highest points wins the Don Bird Match Shield for that year.

New for 2011 is the ‘Monthly Match Shield’, awarded to the winner of each monthly match. This means you have 10
chances of winning a Shield throughout the year.

We also hold Charity matches and night matches.

Wild carp fishing is available on the Isle of Sheppey, and we are also creating a new lake at Holligbourne.

Rough Shooting & Driven Shooting

Rough shooting across approx. 2000 acres including pigeon, rabbits, wildfowl and game at Bredgar, Hollingbourne, Faversham and the Isle of Sheppey. The cropping mix of Oil seed, Maize, Wheat and Beans gives excellent sport all year round.

Driven shooting

High bird pheasants

Superb driven dock

Memberships are available for 6 or 12 months; contact the office for more information.

Rough shooting

Over 3000 acres across North Kent giving great sport and plenty of game.






Memberships available for 6 or 12 months; contact the office for more information.